Hi Fir, I have been planning to study abroad, mainly in Canada. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, courses are being held online. Schools haven’t reduced tuition fees. Does it make sense to pay so much money to attend classes on zoom?

That is a very good question. The short answer is, it depends. Attending classes on campus, interacting with your peers from different parts of the world is a signficant part of the international learning experience. It’s about being in a new city and country, experiencing the sights and sounds and culture of the new country.

If you’re signing up for a 2 year program, you might (emphasis on might) get to attend classes in person once most countries achieve a respectable level of vaccination that allows larger groups of people to be able to get together. …

Hi Fir, I worked really hard for my GMAT, I put in the time and effort, cried over quant multiple times, did a bunch of mock tests, and finally gave the exam. I didn’t get the 700+ score that I initially thought I’d obviously get. I’ve ended up with a much lower score (450–590) I don’t want to give it another attempt. Can I still get into my dream school?

TLDR: There are ways to showcase your strengths as a strong candidate to circumvent the low GMAT but keep in mind it’s going to be an uphill fight. Difficult but not impossible.

That is a good question! First off, I want you to know this- you put in the time and effort to take a pretty intensive test, good on you for doing that! These test results are not a reflection of you as a person. Don’t take low scores to heart.

To answer your question, most schools will list out an official minimum GMAT score, the official stance will…

Making the decision to study abroad is never an easy one. There are so many factors at play for someone to decide to uproot their lives and move to a new country to essentially start from scratch. I would love to be poetic here but in a nutshell, I began my journey as an international student with more anxiety than excitement.

I moved to Canada from India to do my MBA at Schulich School of Business. The 2 years of Business-school changed my life for the better. It opened up my eyes to the whole world, I made friends for…

You did it! You’ve got that lovely email “We would like to invite you to interview with us”

They’ve got a behavioral interview round lined up for you. Time to show the world the star that is you. Speaking of stars…don’t forget to follow the STAR format while answering questions.

STAR is an acronym for :

Situation: Set the scene and give the required details of your example
Task: Describe what your responsibility was in that situation
Action: Explain exactly what steps you took to address it
Result: Share the outcomes your actions achieved

You can read more advice on…

You put in the hours of research to identify the right business school and the right program for you. You prepped and studied for those pesky entrance exams(We’re looking at you GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL) You also wrote out THE greatest statement of purpose chronicling your life story.

Boom! Then comes the email — “You’re a strong candidate. Let’s chat!”

This is your time to shine. The time to show them why you’re the greatest business school candidate ever and an obvious future titan of industry. …

You’re ready to make the leap - You want to study outside your home country. We love that! Studying abroad is a life-changing experience and if you can, you absolutely must do it.

Everyone has a dream destination they want to live in. It could be Paris, Rome, New York, or even by the Serengeti. However, that shouldn’t be the only factor in determining the country you study in.

First, make sure you’re crystal clear on why you’re choosing to study abroad.

If you intend to stay back after your program is done and work there, don’t go to a…

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Studying abroad is a life-changing decision. It changes you (In the best way possible) It makes you stronger, more empathetic, and exposes you to the world.

You’re reading this article because you want to study abroad or are exploring it as an option. Either way, this is for you.

This process can feel overwhelming. Prospective students experience emotions ranging from confusion to insecurity to euphoria to relief. If this is you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Nearly every single person who plans to study abroad ends up going through this experience.

The first thing you need to do is…Breathe. …

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You’ve shortlisted the schools you want to go to. You’ve arranged all the necessary paperwork, written those pesky entrance tests, and are now ready to submit your application!

Just as you hit submit, up pops that prompt asking to pay something called an “Application fee”


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