The journey to move to a new country as a student is hard. It is riddled with obstacles from day 1. From the time they decide they want to study to the time they actually step into the classroom.

It is almost impossible to know if a student is making…

Why should I study in Canada?

Confused about studying in the US, UK, or Canada? Choosing a country to study in is not an easy process and we at Student First are here to help you. Here’s why we think you should study in Canada:

High-Quality Education
One can find high-quality…

Hi Fir, I have been planning to study abroad, mainly in Canada. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, courses are being held online. Schools haven’t reduced tuition fees. Does it make sense to pay so much money to attend classes on zoom?

That is a very good question. The short answer is, it depends. Attending classes on campus, interacting with your peers from different parts of the world is a signficant part of the international learning experience. …

Hi Fir, I worked really hard for my GMAT, I put in the time and effort, cried over quant multiple times, did a bunch of mock tests, and finally gave the exam. I didn’t get the 700+ score that I initially thought I’d obviously get. I’ve ended up with a much lower score (450–590) I don’t want to give it another attempt. Can I still get into my dream school?

TLDR: There are ways to showcase your strengths as a strong candidate to circumvent the low GMAT but keep in mind it’s going to be an uphill fight. Difficult but not impossible.

That is a good question! First off, I want you to know this- you put in the time…


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